What is Your Life Purpose?

“What is my purpose in life?”

I am amused that people still ask questions like this.

If you’re one of these people, here’s a better question to ask yourself: Why do you seek a purpose?

Take a moment to ponder upon that question.

What purpose do you seek in a world that is purposeless? You merely exist and you have been designed to continue on your existence by spreading your genes. There is nothing more to it.

So when you are at a point in life where you are compelled to ask yourself what your ‘purpose’ is, it can only be an indication of an existential dissatisfaction.

Those who suffer through existential dissatisfaction do not necessarily seek a purpose for themselves. What they want is to be captivated by something beyond themselves to a point where they lose their sense of self—their ego. After all, even a meaningless job or an electronic entertainment can be a distraction enough to soothe the feeling of emptiness.

If you feel purposeless, if you feel that your life has no meaning, if emptiness haunts you, and you feel lost in this world, it is perfectly normal. What you experience is normal in a sense that we’ve been thrown into this artificial construct that is the modern world. We’ve been thrown into this unnatural state with mind and body that was meant for a world of natural order. Your existential experience that arises from this deviation is to be expected. To accept the vanity of your own existence is the first step towards an awakened state.

There is no answer that is suitable for any and all individuals. There are number of lifestyle changes that you can make to improve the quality of your existence, but in the end, your life is yours to define.

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