Who Benefits the Most from a Terrorist Attack?

Who Benefits the Most from a Terrorist Attack?

Couple of days ago, there was yet another terror attack in Europe—this time in Manchester, UK. It doesn’t even seem like a news anymore as it’s the exact same scenario we’ve all seen many times before with the same old responses, the same old outrages, and the same old political drama. In the midst of all this, I had a question pop up in my head: Who benefits from all this carnage?

It certainly isn’t the ordinary citizens who are the primary targets. Even if they aren’t victims themselves, they’ll now be living with elevated fear.

Then do the terrorists themselves benefit? No. What exactly do they gain? The perpetrators may be carrying out the attacks out of hatred and a sense of mission, but they are always caught or killed eventually. Those pitiful men who prematurely terminate their lives by killing others gain nothing of substance. They die with the same misery they’ve been carrying around with them.

If the terrorists think they are somehow advancing the power of their group or religion, it isn’t working. ISIS is rapidly collapsing in the Middle East and their attacks on Europe represent nothing but desperate attempts to appear relevant again—it’s a cry for attention. Their bombs won’t slow down their eventual end nor will it destroy the European nations they target. In addition, Islam as a religion gains nothing as its image is tarnished once again by those who carry out the attacks in its name. So, no. Neither the terrorists nor their religion gain anything from their pitiful attacks no matter what they think they’re accomplishing.

Then who is the sole benefactor? We are left with the one last party that is involved: the government.

No government will ever state that they welcome terrorist attacks against their own citizens, but they certainly do make the most out of them. With each attack, the government can introduce “security measures” to justify increased control over its own citizens, the so-called Patriot Act being one of them. And the people, stunned and shaken from the horrid attacks, will quietly accept greater restrictions imposed upon them by their masters—anything to feel safe again. This is how governments are able to spy on their citizens with impunity, establish surveillance in all public spaces, militarize the police so that they resemble an occupying army, and so on. The greater the fear, the more dependent the people will be of their governments and the more obedient they will be.

I once read that, during WWII, the Allied forces hoped their strategic bombing of Germany would lead its citizens to revolt against the Nazi regime, similar to how German sailors started a mutiny in the first world war as their nation was exhausted and starting to lose. But instead, as the Allied bombing intensified, the German citizens became more dependent on the Nazi regime for protection, food, and shelter. They came to believe that only their government could protect them against the onslaught of enemy forces. And I believe this is exactly what is happening to the people of the West today with each and every terrorist attack they endure—and their governments are playing the cards just right.

Now, with all attention diverted to the attack, the people are made to forget that their own governments are the biggest threat to their freedom. In fact, politicians will often accuse the terrorists of trying to take their freedom away even though it is the governments that does just that. The attacks also give states a chance to use the people’s outrage by directing it against a target of their choice. This is how the Bush regime was able to swindle its people into invading Iraq even though the country had nothing to do with 9/11. In fact, this is such an effective strategy that the US government once contemplated carrying out false flag attacks against its own citizens so that they could blame it on Cuba.

As a result of this terror attack in Manchester and any other future attacks that may come, I have no doubt that the British and other Western governments will be able to take another step towards a police state while their citizens are too busy debating about Islam to even care. With the exception of small minority of people who value their freedom, no one will even raise a voice of protest as any increased social control will be viewed as being justified. Regardless of their political differences, the people unite in their submission to the state. They will behave like the sheep they are.

In every terrorist attack, only the government wins.

To learn more about how the government works to control us, read ‘Man’s Fight for Existence‘.

2 thoughts on “Who Benefits the Most from a Terrorist Attack?

  1. Intriguing article. I almost dare not voice the thought that this attack happened in the middle of an election campaign just as the ruling Conservative Party were facing a slight ‘wobble’ in the polls for an election they thought they were a shoo-in for.

  2. Here in Germany, the Federal Intel Agecy (Bundesnachrichtendienst) has gained more power and resources for state surveillance in the last 3 years then the preceeding 20 years. The government claims to be working on more security measures to protect its citizens against further occuring attacks, but to what cost? Festivals and events can’t really be made any more secure, especially if we consider the fact that the suspect of manchastor didn’t even have to get inside the arena to do his damage. He blew himself up in front of the entrance area. People say the don’t care about more regulations and more surveillance, because they have nothing to hide. They might as well give up their freedom of speech (which is currently under deconstruction in Germany under several ‘hatespeech’ laws) because they have nothing to say.

    Geart article.

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