Women Should Never Be a Source of Happiness for Men

Womenmodern Western women in particularshould never be sought as a source of happiness by men.

Perhaps back in a previous age it was possible to form a genuine loving relationship with a woman whom you could share your life with, but that no longer is the case today. Due the rise of gender antagonism, women as a whole have become unreliable as wives and mothers and dangerously parasitic and self-serving. Chastity, faithfulness, and even love have all become foreign concepts to these women. Any man who foolishly tries to project his desire to have a relationship with a kind and nuturing woman is bound to have his soul crushed.

Women know that there are no consequences for their own actions. For that reason, they have no reason to respect men, they have no reason to be loyal, they have no reason to be responsible, and they have no reason to even behave like a feminine and normal woman. So how can a man possibly expect to derive happiness from women who have forsaken men and their own femininity?

Women today don’t see men the same way as they used to. Today, women have a low opinion of men as a whole. At best, they see men as utilities to be used and taken advantaged of or as entertaining clowns for their personal amusement. At worst, men are potential rapists or disposable garbage to be ignored and avoided. These are the kind of women desperate men are trying to form relationships with, beliving that it will lead to eternal happiness.

Even outside of marriage and other romantic relationships, women cannot offer any value for men. What value can you derive from women by being friends with them? Men who befriend women are simps who are blind to their own attraction they feel for their female friends. Men who enjoy being friends with women are weak and emasculated men who have so little value that they hope to derive value from their meaningless friendship with the opposite sex. These female friends are fickle, unloyal, and uncaring precisely because they believe that the relationship is all about them and revolves around them.

So what happiness can a man ever hope to obtain from women?

Love? A genuine female love for a man is the rarest thing you can witness in a modern society. I had one female associate I know tell me that she is unable and unwilling to love a man. Women simply don’t care about love.

Sex? Sex is but ephemeral pleasure that only feels like a dire necessity when men are deprived of it. Man cannot hinge his life satisfaction on the pleasures of sex.

If anything, women are bound to use love and sex to manipulate men into serving them. Women understand their own powers and they are not squemish about exercising them.

As a man, you must derive your happiness elsewhere. It’s an unfortuante predicament of the modern world that women are no longer reliable, but we must move on and adapt. This does not mean that you need to forsake women completely, but that you no longer prioritize them as highly as you have and understand the dangers of attaching your life to themor to the idea of who you think they are. Find other passions and work on forming bonds with other reliable and loyal men who are worthy of respect instead.

3 thoughts on “Women Should Never Be a Source of Happiness for Men

  1. Unfortunately it took me a number of years to learn this very valuable lesson. All happiness in my relationship eminates from me. When I’m happy my girl is happy because instinctually I have both of our best interests in mind with every decision I make; while she on the other hand is self seeking.
    My girl would love to be in charge of our relationship but she is not fit to lead. She is selfish, irrational in her decision making and doesn’t really have an end-game in mind because most of her decisions are based on how she feels in the moment. As logical as that sounds she would still take the reigns if I allowed her to which further confirms why she ain’t fit to lead.
    It took me a long time to realize that catering to my girls happiness while ignoring my own is a losing proposition-FOR BOTH OF US. It’s also one that she can feel but never truly understand. By being my best self I’m protecting my girl from her own destruction.

  2. You figured it out. If you base your happiness on irrational beings you just become what you love more than yourself a pussy.

    Men of purpose don’t care about pussy, they are busy doing things that matter.

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