Women Today Have a New Husband

Women Today Have a New Husband

Today, more and more women are abandoning men for a new husband who does a better job taking care of them as providers and protectors. The new husband, of course, is the government.

Instead of getting married to men they don’t even love to extract their money, women today now have the option of divorcing them so that they may extort the money instead. Their new husband, the government, will use full force to ensure that such transaction happens. Almost half a million American men work like slaves only to have their hard-earned cash go to their wives who stole their children as well.

When a woman assaults a man, you can expect the government to be fully on the woman’s side by letting her off with minimal to no consequences. From the mandatory arrest law made specifically for men to the biased sentencing, women enjoy all the advantages that their powerful boyfriend provides. A woman is not even expected to tell the truth; she merely needs to lie that she was hit and her boyfriend will send in professional white knights to take her husband away to a jail.

A woman can cheat on her husband, have a child that is not his, and still force him to work and pay for support. In France, the government will step in to stop men from determining whether the child is his or not. Women have the support of their alpha boyfriend to openly force cuckoldry onto their husbands.

Men are worthless for women who are now sponsored by the state. Men have no real value because the government has taken their value away by monopolizing violence. What are men who aren’t even allowed exercise their own ability to fight and defend themselves? Why would women respect any man who is weak and powerless and live under the thumb of the government? Women have absolutely no reason to be loyal or respectful of men they’ve chosen to marry; it’s merely optional.

Women will openly disrespect, insult, and assault men in open view of the public because they know that they are protected by their government boyfriend. Men are not allowed to fight back and are expected to take the barrage of assaults like inferior class of citizens. Without the government, you can be sure that no woman would dare act up and behave like a bitch like they do now; they would know that men would never tolerate such transgression.

In many organized mammal species, the alpha male has command of the females while omega males have little to no access at all to the opposite sex. In a way, our government has become the alpha male of our society that women look up to; the men are left scrambling for whatever women that are left who may or may not choose to stick around.

The most insulting aspect of this entire arrangement is the fact that the government itself is funded mainly by men and maintained by armed forces consisting of men. But, of course, you cannot look at these men individually as human beings as long as they are doing the bidding of the System—they are mere drones.

In the end, no one really wins. While women may think that being able to leverage power over men by using the government may be a good idea in the short-term, their policy is doomed to fail in the long-run. Eventually, men will get fed up and stop supporting such inane arrangement or escape such conditions, thus starving to death the monster that is the state—a nanny state acting as a surrogate husband.

Any society will become unsustainable and unstable with increasing gender antagonism and such society is destined to face its eventual downfall. The sooner the current governments run to the ground, the better things will be for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Women Today Have a New Husband

  1. This article is truth. To men in that situation I recommend you take all the property you can take, that you destroy any you can’t take, and then emigrate… there is no reason you should be financing your ex’s new happy little state family setup. Your kids will benefit as they then can’t be manipulated in malevolent mind games, or for profiteering by lawyers.

  2. the government has taken the role of advocate for feminism and has created an incredibly biased machine…and has itself changed culture and society

    • that they have (all by kosher blessed design). the best thing a guy can do is NOT get legally bound (a.k.a. married),cohabit with a woman,or breed with her. the system is anti male and all a guy is doing when he tries to do what men in time’s past did is voluntarily enslaving himself. Nothing good comes from the modern day relationship with women. it’s not men’s fault. social engineering and anti male laws have made it this way. no sense in living in denial of this and trying to do what our fathers and grandfathers did when it’s no longer beneficial to men ….. and in many cases to women either. date them,go steady with them but leave it at that. if she starts putting the pressure on him to marry her or what not he needs to nip it in the bud and move on – no matter how sad he or she might be because of it. that’s life. what was practical in a bygone era no longer is. best to accept reality for what it is and deal with it than to live in la la land and wind up fucking your life up.

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