Women Were Never Oppressed

In spite of living in the most privileged conditions ever afforded by human civilization, feminists of the West continue to wail and whine about being oppressed by the imaginary ‘Patriarchy.’ The very fact that they are able to continue on with their shallow diatribe is a testament of just how much power and influence they have amassed over the last few decades. They have so little basis for their claims of being oppressed that they need to make up lies in order to perpetuate their collective delusion.

Women of West enjoy all the rights and opportunities that men enjoy and much more. Women are, in comparison to men, becoming better educated with more opportunities than men, given more health support than men (while both are charged the same), less likely to be incarcerated and receive much less sentences, and so on. Meanwhile, these same feminists ignore—and even celebrate—the fact that men today are becoming systematically oppressed and emasculated. This is not even counting the grossly lopsided power that women wield in the sexual marketplace, the biased family courts, or the support they receive from supplicant male feminists who’ve been trained like dogs to support the feminist agenda.

And yet, they still cry that they are being oppressed.

The truth is that women were never oppressed. What they call the historical ‘oppression’ that women suffered in the past is merely a result of differing gender roles that men and women have fulfilled throughout their entire existence; it has only been in very recent times, and only in select parts of the world, that the roles of two sexes started to merge and become shared.

The basic historical arrangement allowed both men and women to use their differing strengths and abilities to perform their select roles in a way that was both compatible and conducive for a stable society. In this arrangement, men used their physical strength to hunt or farm for food, extract resources, and build infrastructures, in addition to being expected to fight against an internal or external threat. Women, on the other hand, were expected to bear and rear children and play a supporting role for men. Humans evolved with this distinct social structure both because we were programmed that way by our genes and also due to the fact that such arrangement led to the greatest success of their select society.

Of course, differing roles also meant that men and women, for the most part, were treated differently as well. It is true that women’s social roles were limited throughout history, but can it really be described as an oppression?

How many men laboured their lives away in farms trying to provide food for their women and children? How many men toiled away in factories, coal mines, and building railroads for meager wages so that they could provide something for their family? All the buildings, all the roads, and all the water and electric supply lines that we all take comfort in today were built by men. The same is true for all the technological innovations that have improved our lives from cars, airplanes, and rocket engines, to light bulb, phones, and computers.

And just how many men fought in wars under hellish conditions from which they were butchered and slaughtered? Do you think any women were begging for equal rights during the ancient wars of conquest, religious wars, or colonial wars? No. Were women protesting to fight alongside men in the trenches during the first World War? No. Their only contribution to the war was to hand out white feathers to men at home to shame them as cowards.

Yes, women were not able to vote, but they also weren’t drafted to fight wars.

In WWII, 30% of all Soviet men—estimated as being around 20 million—died fighting against the German invaders. So many men died that the nation suffered from shortage of men after the war. It’s worth noting that this happened to a communist nation that supposedly made men and women equals. Men have always sacrificed in place of women regardless of what era or what society they have fought in.

Even in today’s world, majority of victims of violence in all scale—from assault and murder, to torture and genocide—are men. Men even suffer more sexual assaults than women when prison rapes are taken into account.

If women were ever ‘oppressed,’ so were men—in greater numbers and under harsher conditions.

The fight for so-called gender equality only came about after WWII when the Western world became peaceful and prosperous with the emerging service economy. Only when the civilization became peaceful with reduced need for physical labour did feminists started demanding equal rights and opportunities as men and began to claim that they had been oppressed thus far.

And this continues on today, as feminists with all their current privileges and special treatment perpetuate the myth of their victimhood so that they would be pampered even more by our society that already gives them too much. They have such easy lives with no real oppression that they have to conjure up imaginary conspiracies as sexist phone size and patriarchal air conditioners just to get people’s attention.

Unfortunately for the feminists, men are starting to wake up. They are simply fed up. They can now clearly see through all the lies and shaming techniques feminists use to try to control and demean men. What we are witnessing is a turning point in which men are starting to push back. We are all part of this struggle whether you decide to participate in it or not.

3 thoughts on “Women Were Never Oppressed

  1. Women did not heed the call to go to war in those days because they were forbidden to go to war!
    Even now there are actual women training in the army even though they face the real threat of being raped and physically assaulted by some of their fellow brothers in arms who oppose women fighting in war.
    These women face two wars: having to defend themselves against close enemies and distant ones.
    The only reason men like you are so vehemently opposed to feminism is the fact that now the shoe is on the other foot and it is very uncomfortable to wear.
    By the way in case you haven’t noticed by now, it’s usually greedy, corrupt and volatile men who are instigating these wars anyway.
    When women are seen fighting other women, the men call it a ‘catfight’ and simply play the role of spectator and watch until the feud ends.
    You act as if men have never raised a hand or fist to women, raped women, silenced women and subjected them to objects of pleasure.

    Do you even read the history of the world and view the current world situations?

  2. Hey, Just wanted to say that the demanding of equal rights have been going on for a longer period of time. If you read up on some things, you can find speeches from 1850 from the women conventions. Have you ever read the speech ”Ain’t I a woman?”
    Also, I would like to point out that feminists are trying to have equality between both sex. We don’t want men to suffer, we don’t want women to suffer, we just want equal rights between both sex. You make it sound like women want to overtake the whole world which is kinda funny. but hey, have a good one.

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